Microsoft Edge License Agreement

Posted on Sunday, April 11th, 2021 at 5:25 am

APPLICABLE LAW AND PLACE OF DISPUTE RESOLUTION. If you have purchased the software in the United States or Canada, the laws of the state or province in which you live (or, if a company is headquartered), govern the interpretation of that agreement, infringement claims and other claims (including consumer protection, unfair competition and infringement rights), regardless of the conflict rules of law. If you bought the software in another country, the laws apply. If U.S. federal jurisdiction exists, you and Microsoft accept exclusive jurisdiction and jurisdiction in federal court in King County, Washington, for all litigation. If this is not the case, you and Microsoft agree with the exclusive jurisdiction and jurisdiction within the Superior Court of King County, Washington, for all disputes tried. CONSUMER RIGHTS; REGIONAL VARIATIONS. This agreement outlines certain rights. You may have other rights, including consumer rights, under the laws of your state, province or country. Separated and outside of your relationship with Microsoft, you may also have rights to the party to which you purchased the software. This agreement does not change these other rights if the laws of your state, province or country do not allow it. For example, if you purchased the software in one of the following regions or if the mandatory national law applies, you are subject to the following provisions: SUPPORT SERVICES. Microsoft is not required to provide support services for the software under this agreement.

All support is “as we shall see,” “with all the errors,” and without any guarantee of any kind. You`re on the Microsoft Edge Insider page, where you can download previews of the new Microsoft Edge. To download the new Microsoft Edge and learn more about the new Microsoft Edge, visit Third-party information is provided only for your information and contains the original copyright and license that Microsoft obtained with the third-party software. Although Microsoft is not the original author of third-party materials, Microsoft grants you these third-party documents according to the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement for the Microsoft offer, except that open source licensed components that require these components to remain under their original license, such as the Gnu General Public License (GPL) or the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), are provided to you by Microsoft under their initial licensing terms. Microsoft reserves all rights that are not expressly granted, whether implicit, estoppel or otherwise. To start licensing your Read-Write software, please see the instructions below for your license type. You`ll find your license type in the email you received when your organization first purchased or renewed Read-Write or in the top right corner of the Essentials site. Subject to clause (ii) above, Microsoft is only liable for slight negligence if Microsoft violates the essential obligations of the contract, the performance of which facilitates the performance of this agreement, the violation of which compromises the purpose of this agreement and of which a party can consistently trust (“cardinal obligations”). In other cases of minor negligence, Microsoft is not responsible for slight negligence. Microsoft apps included.

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