Stall Lease Agreement

Posted on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 at 12:26 am

Farmers Market Stall Lease Agreement This market stable rental (this agreement) will be implemented from 2006 (effective date) between PROPERTY MANAGER as an agent for THE GESTION OF RED ACTIFS, Inc. 4717 Central Kansas City, MO 64112 OWNER 168th and Dodge, dba Village Pointe Shopping Center 17305 Davenport Street, Suite 203 Omaha, NE 68118 AND VENDOR Owner hereby rents to Vendor the Stall , as shown below, at the Village Pointe Farmers Market event (event) for use allowed every Saturday during the lifetime, and Vendor agrees to pay a tax to the owner, as shown here in this section and to execute all other agreements described here in. 2. Market. The market place is described as follows: at the Village Pointe Shopping Center, Omaha, Nebraska in the designated Southwest Parking Area opposite the Wild Oats Natural Marketplace. 5.10 The rules for notification of notices from Section 196 of the Property Act 1925 apply to any notification arising from the lease agreement and to all claims issued under the Code of Civil Procedure that contain only a right to that lease (f) after receiving a notice from a tenant, The landlord and tenant may, under the tenant offer, agree to the appointment of a Chartered Surveyor, with at least six years of experience in market rental and/or valuation of market rents and/or stands in the counties of Cumbria and Lancashire, which receive in writing the lessor and tenant according to a timetable set at the arbitrator`s discretion. In the event of a delay in the common agreement on an appropriate chartered investigative arbitrator, each party may be notified to the President by the Royal Navigation Institution, ask the President or a duly appointed official of the President to appoint an arbitrator who will then enter the reference, and it is necessary for the appointed arbitrator to make its decision within three months of the date of appointment. To eliminate the questionable costs of the appointment, the reference and distinction fees are at the full discretion of the arbitrator. 5.7 No-ONE is responsible as a lessor under this lease of all that was done after departure with any interest in the property 4.2, In order to keep the property in a state of repair and decoration in which it was at the beginning of the rental period (a) At the latest at the end of February, each year of rental (including a continuation, either by agreement or by the tenant), the lessor must inform the tenant in writing that he intends to verify the basic rent of the property which will take effect on September 1 of next year following the notification.

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