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Overall Percent Agreement (Opa)

Posted on Thursday, September 30th, 2021 at 11:53 pm

The analysis showed an average difference of 20% of the PD-L1 IHC 22C3 trial gave the most important result of tumor membrane staining in 37 (82.8%) of the samples, during the PD-L1 IHC 28-8 trial, in 8 (17.8%) of the samples, gave the greatest dyeing result. A diagram of the trials for these patients did not give a model, as it covered the area of expression. In order to avoid confusion, we recommend that you always use the terms positive agreement (AAE) and negative agreement (AAA) to describe the agreement of this type….

Online Rent Agreement Status

Posted on Thursday, September 30th, 2021 at 1:06 pm

A prison sentence of three months or a fine not exceeding 5000/ or both. NPST, a “licensed service provider” chosen by the Maharashtra Government`s Department of Registration & Stamps for the provision of online rental services, has taken a step forward to reach citizens, raise awareness and provide a service at their favorable time and appropriate location. We used modern technology to create reach through phone calls and web service, to make the transaction easier for citizens. To save the document by e-registration, you need to have the following things with you. i) Internet connection ii) Thumb scanner / finger scanner (biometric device) in accordance with the specification indicated by the division. iii) Webcam iv) printer v) Unique identification id (Aadhaar card) of all parties as well as identifiers. vi) The stamp duty and registration fees applicable to the document must only be paid online (by e-challan / simple receipt) via the GRAS portal. Note: The document is saved in the template/format provided by the division. After the contract is concluded, our customer support team and portal will keep you informed of the status of the documents.” In accordance with section 55(1) of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999, any holiday and licence or rental agreement between the lessor and the lessee or licensee must be registered in writing and registered in accordance with the Registration Act, 1908. After registration, we will inform us of the final agreement by e-mail.

Our trained executive will visit your front door to provide service and agreements We are a technology-oriented company that emphasizes data management without manual intervention. Reciepts, agreements and each document are provided electronically. A registered lease is defined as a document that sets out the terms of a contract for one person to use another person`s property for a specified period of time. This is a contract between the tenant and the owner for the property rented by the owner to the tenant and his interest in the contract is preserved by the conclusion of a legal registration of the lease. Fees can be paid online/cash whenever possible, just choose your option. RENTAL AND OTHER CONDITIONS After entering the information relating to the property, parties and identifiers regarding the document, click on the “Add rent and other terms” button. Under “period”, the duration of the rental contract is mentioned in the months that have been concluded. This period should not exceed 60 months.

In the “Von” column, use the calendar to enter the date from which the lease takes effect. This date must not exceed four months after the date of signature of the holiday and license agreement. If you have already paid the amount by e-payment, indicate in the stamp and registration tax columns the government reference number received (GRN) and the date of payment. or use the “Pay Now” option and pay the stamp duty and online registration fee…

Nj Broker Agreement

Posted on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021 at 7:55 am

Section 13.2 Applicability of the Rules to MLS Nothing in these Rules limits the right of the MLS to enter into licensing agreements with third parties for the use of the MLS Compositions or any part thereof, in accordance with the terms approved by the Board of Directors. Section 4.1 “For sale” the signs “for sale” The signs of the broker listing can only be affixed to a property whose list is subject to the service, except with the agreement of the broker listing. (b) Participants` consent to the posting of their offers by other participants in accordance with these Rules and Regulations must be in writing. Written approval can be obtained electronically from NJMLS. Participants who have signed IDX participation agreements have given their written consent to their IDX agreement. A listing broker who has authorized an Office Exclusive with Broker Cooperation, which can only be presented by the listing broker, must either accompany the cooperating broker and the client to show the property, or the broker must accompany the client on behalf of the cooperating broker at the request of a participant in the New Jersey Multiple Listing Service. Inc. (q) License agreements must be signed by the parties involved. License agreements are required for each web address (URL). Paragraph 2.2 Presentation of the offer The listing broker must make arrangements to submit to the seller all written offers as soon as possible and without delay.

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Nato Nuclear Sharing Agreement

Posted on Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 at 8:26 pm

Given that progress on arms control and disarmament must take into account the prevailing international security environment, NATO leaders recognized at the 2016 Warsaw Summit that the conditions for further disarmament were unfavourable in light of Russia`s aggressive actions and military rearmament in recent years. At the NATO summit in Brussels in 2018, leaders reaffirmed NATO`s long-standing commitment to nuclear deterrence, saying that “as long as there are nuclear weapons, NATO will remain a nuclear alliance.” The 2010 Lisbon Summit conducted the Deterrence and Defence Review (DDPR) work in Den Weg, endorsed by Allied Heads of State and Government at the NATO Summit in Chicago in May 2012. The DDPR stressed that the fundamental objective of the Alliance`s nuclear forces is deterrence, which is essentially a political function. As the alliance focuses on maintaining effective deterrence, political control over nuclear weapons will be maintained in all circumstances and nuclear planning and consultation within the Alliance will be in line with political guidance. And Professor Alexander Mattelaer, from the Belgian Egmont Institute, recalled that NATO`s nuclear division was essential to prevent some European allies – including Germany – from acquiring their own nuclear deterrent The DGAP asked European leaders about Germany`s role in nuclear deterrence in Europe. These experts, each representing an EU member or an important partner, answered three outstanding questions. Historically, common systems for carrying nuclear weapons were not limited to bombs. Greece used Nike Hercules missiles and A-7 Corsair II fighter jets. Canada had Bomarc nuclear anti-aircraft missiles, Honest John surface-to-surface missiles and nuclear air-to-air engineering and tactical atomic bombs for the CF-104 fighter. [5] PGM-19 Jupiter Medium-range missiles were shared with Italian air units and Turkish units with American units. Dual-key systems to activate warheads. [9] Medium-range ballistic missiles were sent to Britain with RAF crews.

[10] [11] An advanced version of the nuclear division, NATO`s multilateral force, was a plan to equip nato waterships of member states with Polaris UGM-27 missiles, but the UK purchased the Polaris missiles and used its own warheads, and the plan to equip NATO flood ships was abandoned. [12] After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the types of nuclear weapons common within NATO were reduced to tactical nuclear bombs used by Dual-Capable Aircraft (DCA). [3] According to press reports, NATO`s Eastern European countries opposed the withdrawal of common nuclear bombs from Europe, fearing that it would show a weakening of the United States. . . .

Msbsd Negotiated Agreement

Posted on Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 at 10:34 am

“We are pleased to inform you that we have reached a preliminary agreement with the union and district on the MSEA collective agreement,” said MSBSD Superintendent Dr. Randy Trani. “What fascinates me the most is that we have found a solution, a compromise over a long period of negotiations. I am glad that we were able to find a solution. We can focus on the most important thing, which is the education of children. “We are very pleased to reach a compromise agreement,” said Dianne Shibe, President of MSEA. “We are in the process of signing a preliminary agreement, and we will make this agreement available to all our members to see if they will ratify it, I think they will be delighted to see it.” “At this time, MSEA is setting up times to crowd out information and inform our members of what`s in the agreement,” Shibe said. ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) – On Thursday afternoon, leaders from the De Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District and the Mat-Su Education Association held a joint press conference during which the two sides announced that they had reached a compromise on a new teachers` contract. “It`s a three-year contract, but retroactive to last year, because the association got away with it last year,” dr. Trani said. “So it`s the last year, this year and the following year.”

Millwright Local 2309 Collective Agreement 2020

Posted on Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 at 12:34 am

Pension: The employer will pay $7.87 per hour ($15.74 per hour for all overtime) to the Millwright Regional Council of Ontario Pension Trust Fund. Valid from May 1, 2020: USD 8.05 per hour (USD 16.10 per hour for all overtime). Valid from April 30, 2021: $8.20 per hour ($16.40 per hour for all overtime). Extension Agreement: Valid from May 26, 2019 to April 30, 2022. Signed on May 10, 2019. Shift bonus: foremen: hourly allowance for milling machines for milling machines and an additional USD 6.25 per hour. Sub-foreman: hourly rate for mill builders, plus $3.15 per hour. 15% for workers employed in night and afternoon shifts. Editor`s comments: Shuttle subsidy: 13.58 $US per day, which increases by 2 levels to 14.13 $US for work between 24.1 and 32 kilometers from the employee`s house; $15.81 per day, which increases by 2 levels to $16.45 for work between 32.1 and 40 kilometres from the employee`s home; $27.89 per day, which increases by 2 levels to $29.02 for work between 40.1 and 80 kilometers from the employee`s home.

0.58 $US per kilometre (previously 0.56 $US per hour) and meal expenses if the employee travels by car at the request of the employer. Valid from May 1, 2020: USD 0.59 per kilometre. Valid from April 30, 2021: USD 0.60 per kilometre. Parking: $25 per day at City of Toronto construction sites in the Area of Don Valley Park to the east, Dufferin Street to the west, York Mills Road to the north, Lake Ontario to the south (provided there is no free parking). Across the province of Ontario (2,300 mill producers, foremen, apprentices) and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC), Locals 1007, 1151, 1244, 1410, 1425, 1592, 1916, 2309 Medical Benefits: The employer will donate $4.20 per hour ($8.40 per hour for all overtime) to the Millwright Regional Council of Ontario Benefit Trust Fund for the Millwright Welfare Plan and Legal Aid Plan. . Overtime: double time for all work before or after the employee`s regular shift, maximum 7 hours overtime. Double time for all employee working hours between 12:01 .m.

Saturday and 12:01.m. Monday. Double time for hours worked for the third and following changes, for the work week if the employee changes more than 2 times during the standard work week. . HOW DO WE REWARD OUR COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE? We fulfill our commitment to excellence through: Association of Millwrighting Contractors Ontario is a voluntary association of unionized millwrighting contractors who are our business partners in the sector. Our goal is to create a constructive culture in the construction industry and provide our contractors and owners with a competitive workforce. We encourage all contractors to get involved and learn more about the benefits of AMCO….

Map Agreement Template

Posted on Monday, September 27th, 2021 at 4:36 am

A manufacturer can decide what price their promoted product should have and can only act with retailers who approve their MAP pricing policy. . . .

Local 18 Heavy Highway Agreement 2018

Posted on Sunday, September 26th, 2021 at 7:31 pm

The District Court decided to arbitrate on the grounds that an arbitrator had to determine whether the dispute met the novelty, jurisdiction and requirements of the employer`s use of the new equipment clause. The OCA appealed. The collective agreement. Local 18 represents corporate engineers — workers who handle the machines used to build roads and buildings — in Ohio and northern Kentucky. The OCA is a commercial group of construction companies. The parties have entered into a collective agreement (“agreement”) that inserts certain equipment into the exclusive jurisdiction of the union; Companies that wish to use such equipment must recruit union members. The contract also includes a schedule that links the rate of pay for members to the type of equipment operated. .

Lifeblood Specific Enterprise Agreement

Posted on Sunday, September 26th, 2021 at 10:52 am

The Fair Work Commission can also help employers and workers negotiate with their New Approaches programme. Read more about The New Approaches on the Fair Work Commission website. If a job has a registered agreement, the bonus does not apply. However, registered agreements are valid until terminated or replaced. . . .

Leave And Licence Agreement Marathi

Posted on Sunday, September 26th, 2021 at 1:48 am

10% x deposit x Number of years of contract = C HiPlease send me format holiday and license to Marathi For the registration of the contract, you need some basic documents of the tenant, the lessor and witnesses, such as a passport photo, a photocopy of the proof of identity (for example. B PAN card) and electricity bill or real estate document such as index II or the tax bill of the rented property. The formula for calculating the stamp duty on the rental contract is 0.25% x D, the D (monthly rent x number of months) + (pre-rental for the period / non-refundable deposit) + (10% x refund x number of years of contract). Thank you for sharing! Carry on. We offer online holiday and licensing services in Mumbai and Pune in all regions. Find us on In accordance with Section 17 of the Indian Registration Act, which applies to the whole of India, any real estate lease agreement must be registered from year to year or for a period of more than one year. Therefore, unless otherwise provided by state law, each leave and license agreement must be registered for a period of 12 months or more. The basic framework of stamp duty is set out in the Indian Stamp Act of 1899, which allows states to modify them according to their needs. As a result, the Government of Maharashtra passed the Bombay Stamp Act in 1958. Payment of stamp duty on holidays and licensing agreements is covered by section 36A of the Bombay Stamp Act 1958. Please send me the format of the document of this agreement on For Maharashtra, however, the law has been made stricter and, in accordance with the provisions of section 55 of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999, any rental or leave and license agreement must be in writing and the same must be registered compulsorily. regardless of the duration of the rental. If you would like to know in detail the format of the online rental agreement in Pune, please follow the The stamp duty rate for holiday and license agreements is the same for accommodation and commercial premises.

The leave and licence contract may be concluded for a maximum period of 60 months. It is the owner`s responsibility to ensure the registration of the rental agreement, failing which the landlord may have to pay a penalty of Rs 5,000 and punish himself with a prison sentence of up to three months. In the event that the leave and license contract is not registered and disputes arise between the lessor and the tenant, the contractual conditions invoked by the tenant are considered to be the real and correct conditions in which the property was given for rent, unless proven otherwise. The registration fee for a lease in Maharashtra depends on the location of the rented property. The registration fee is Rs 1,000 if the property is located under a communal territory and it is Rs 500, if it is the same in a rural area. In the absence of an agreement to the contrary, the costs of stamp duty and registration are the responsibility of the tenant.