Avis Canada Car Rental Agreement

Posted on Sunday, September 12th, 2021 at 10:56 am

A temporary permit is only acceptable if it has no restrictions and is valid for the entire duration of the rental. Most sites do not accept debit cards. The rules relating to the qualification of the rental of sites apply. The name on all rental dates (e.g.B. license and Hold card) must match the name of the reservation. At the time of rental, drivers must present a current credit card and a valid full license. Both must be in the driver`s name. Avis accepts most common credit cards as credit identification at the time of rental. List of accepted credit cards: Avis Charge Card, American Express, AT&T Capital, Diner`s Club, Diner`s Club Int`l, Discover, GE Capital, JCB, MasterCard, Peterson, Howell and Heather (PHH), Sears and Visa.

Alaska and Mexico – Vehicles are not allowed to travel to Alaska. Disposable rents are also not allowed. A valid driver`s license is required for all operators of an Avis vehicle. The license must be valid at the time of rental and remain valid for the duration of the rental. All drivers must meet the requirements of Avis. The Avis Roadside SafetyNet product offers the added security of having a breakdown service for items that are not normally included in the rental fee, such as key exchange, fuel delivery, lockout, start-up assistance or tire change service. Debit cards are not accepted at Canadian sites as credit identification at the time of rental. However, Canadian and U.S.

debit cards can be used to pay a fee at the end of the rental. My daughter is getting married in B.C and many of the guests are from Europe. I spent several days finding out what insurance is offered by the rental company. I didn`t expect it to be a nightmare. After speaking to Enterprise, Avis Canada and the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), I am completely confused about what is included. The IBC says cars with liability insurance of at least $200,000 are delivered and some companies have $1 million $US. Landlords say no insurance is available and tenants must purchase their collision damage (CDW), liability insurance and personal accidents at the counter. — Mick, Vancouver But you may not need to buy this waiver if you have enough coverage with your credit card to cover the cost of car rental — as long as you`ve used that card to pay the rent. Not all credit cards automatically cover damage to car rental. Tenants can purchase a Claim Cancellation Declaration (LDW) that reduces financial liability for loss or damage to the Avis car, provided they comply with the terms of the Avis rental agreement.

The cost of LDW varies depending on location, vehicle group and price. If you have car rental coverage through your personal insurance or charging card, LDW offers maximum protection, while your personal insurance or charging card may contain a deductible. Prices range from around $18 CAD and $30* CAD per day. Picking up a vehicle in another province is usually not a problem. However, each pickup location has its own requirements and rental conditions. It is best to inquire about any restrictions or fees that may be charged when travelling outside the province. There are also special requirements for traveling to the United States NEW YORK: the tenant is insured 24 hours a day during the rental: you will see that we can use this word – you need to inquire with the rental company, your credit card company and your insurance company to see exactly what you are insured with. The additional drivers mentioned above are considered “authorized drivers” and must not be present at the time of rental and do not have to sign an additional driver form. “As a general rule, personal policies from Europe cannot be transferred to a rental vehicle – therefore, any damage or loss of the rental vehicle is the responsibility of the customer,” explains Lisa A.

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