Case Singapore Tenancy Agreement

Posted on Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 at 6:11 am

I rented a room with the owner of an HDB apartment for 4 months without a contract. I paid a month in advance and a month in acomphes when I moved in. But now, at the beginning of this month, I haven`t paid the rent because I`m going to move at the end of the month due to another job outside of Singapore. I give my landlord 1 month`s notice to inform her of my decision, but now she threatens to change my room key before the end of this month because she said my one month deposit did not cover the rent. In this case, what is the best thing to do? Is it normal to report it to the police? I would like to know if Rykel Lim can do anything against the owner who terminates the contract earlier. What measures and how long does it take for the owner to be prosecuted for the evacuation of the premises? Yes, if you look at the lease/written contract, it seems that Singapore prefers the landlord. But when it comes to enforcing the lease, landlords are always at a disadvantage or lose parts. Many times, tenants (mostly foreigners) interrupt the lease, leave the premises prematurely without communicating with the landlord and without having to rent, damage furniture and facilities and leave the premises without repairing damaged objects or cleaning the premises. Owners usually suffered from a silent deposit, which in most cases was insufficient to compensate for losses. It can be more expensive to initiate legal proceedings. Dear, I have a difficult situation that I may need to get your opinion. I rented my two bedrooms (master and large common room) of the whole apartment to a Chinese group from two different families.

(a couple with a child and a young girl from university last year until this June). They came as group tenants, just a contract. After they moved in. They touched my other rental room waiting without my notice. I readjusted my furniture without my permission, including my other pending lease. Caused so much chaos and eventually delayed my other room rental, After my viewer took pictures of my upcoming room for rent much later, I just realized….

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