Dccc Temple University Transfer Agreement

Posted on Thursday, September 16th, 2021 at 11:44 pm

==Individual credentials== in Early Childhood/Elementary Education Pre K-4 at Delaware County Community College College is included in the Community College-Temple GenEd-to-GenEd Transfer Agreement and has therefore met all GenEd requirements at Temple University. Students should work with their Delaware County Community College counselor to select courses that meet their associated degree needs. Students wishing to qualify for the dual admissions agreement [pdf] and a possible scholarship should complete the Memorandum of Understanding before acquiring 30 credits at Delaware County Community College. For any questions regarding dual authorization, please send an email to dualadm@temple.edu curricular information and program/advice grids of agreements are included in the above documents. The full text of the agreements is stored in the Office of Undergraduate Studies. Programs and requirements may change. Therefore, students should regularly search for up-to-date documents. Students are recommended to use these materials with the help of a consultant or counselor at Delaware County Community College. GenEd-to-GenEd: This Agreement applies to students who first enrolled at Temple for or after the Fall 2010 semester and received an associate degree in or after 1970 in one of the following programs at DCCC. This addendum concerns the dual agreement between Delaware County Community College (DCCC) and Temple University (Temple), signed on 16 March 1998. Previous versions of this agreement contain the following statement on admission criteria for the Dual Admissions program: “If you have been admitted to association studies or if you have earned 30 credits or less at university level.” Starting in the fall of 2016, Landguage was added to clarify eligibility requirements for students applying for the Dual Admissions program.

Students must intend to obtain an associate degree at their institution and complete the “Intent to Enroll” form before completing 30 graded college credits. This includes all previous credits taken at other higher education institutions or universities. The certification statement is as follows: Temple and Delaware County Community College have entered into the following transfer agreements to allow for a smooth transfer to the College of Education and Human Development. There are three types of transfer agreements: dual admissions, core-to-core, and program-to-program. To participate in these agreements, you must purchase an associated degree before the transfer….

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