Finders Fee Agreement Canada

Posted on Monday, September 20th, 2021 at 9:14 pm

Written agreements This case might never have been brought before the courts if there had been a written registration of the relationship agreement between Birch and GWR – particularly if it had included the terms that GWR claimed to exist, since Birch was tasked with both interconnecting with existing investors and extracting new funds. If Birch`s initial commitment had been documented, it would also have helped to clarify the relationship between the parties. As another commentator suggested, this argues in favour of the old rule that important agreements should be in writing. (24) Otherwise, uncertainty, risk and, in this case, actual liability, plus legal costs, will arise. (5) For many junior resource business leaders, the decision whether or not to hire investment inventors can be such as a reflection on whether they should breathe the air. These companies tend to have early projects that do not justify debt financing and therefore need equity injections, but do not have the profile required to attract traditional investment traders. However, cooperation with discoverers involves navigating the “liberated” market – this is called because these are transactions that are exempt from the prospectus requirement and (in most cases) the requirement to register securities law – which can be dangerous for uninformed people. . .


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