Sag-Aftra National Collective Bargaining Agreement

Posted on Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 at 6:43 pm

According to Global Rule One, no SAG-AFTRA member can work for a producer who has not entered into a minimum basic agreement with the union, which is fully in force. This rule applies worldwide. [14] The contract is now submitted to the union`s national office for review and must be approved by members before coming into effect. In line with SAG`s vision, the guild has sought to negotiate and enforce collective agreements that set an appropriate level of remuneration, benefits and working conditions for its interpreters; to obtain compensation for the exploitation of performances recorded by its members and to provide protection against any unauthorized use of such performances; and to maintain and expand employment opportunities for its members. [3] The guild provided its members with long-term remaining payments for the broadcast and broadcast of films, television programmes and television spots through clauses contained in SAG`s basic agreements with producers. At the time, Luis Silberwasser, president of Telemundo, replied that SAG-AFTRA had asked for recognition of the union as a negotiator for workers, instead of seeking a voice from workers. Sag-AFTRA, however, claimed that intimidation tactics had taken place within the network to dissuade employees from unionizing and that they believed that “there is no `fair vote` when workers are afraid for their careers and livelihoods and live with fear of reprisals, if they are considered actively unionized. Sag-AFTRA wants, through a truly fair process, to guarantee full protection of democracy in the workplace and the right of performers to vote.” [24] Non-professional orders are formally placed to designate productions that have not concluded the necessary agreements. [15] Many high-level actors initially refused to join the SAG. That changed when producers made a deal between themselves, not to offer talent. A decisive encounter in the house of Frank Morgan (Ralph`s brother, who played the title role in The Wizard of Oz) was what SAG gave its critical mass. Inspired by Eddie Cantor`s insistence on this meeting, that any reaction to this producer`s agreement helps all actors, not just those already established, it only took three weeks for SAG membership to grow from about 80 members to more than 4,000.

Cantor`s participation was critical, not only because of his friendship with recently elected President Franklin D. Roosevelt. After a few years and the passage of the National Labor Relations Act, producers agreed in 1937 to negotiations with the SAG.

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