Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (Tafta)

Posted on Monday, October 11th, 2021 at 3:05 pm

The Impact Regulation (RIS) states that the agreement aims to “give impetus to Australia`s regional and multilateral efforts to liberalise trade”13 FCAI.13 FCAI believes that the proposed agreement between Australia and Thailand is broadly consistent with Australia`s overall trade policy objectives and provides Australian exporters with reciprocal market access gains76 Windshield manufacturer Pilkington, has already announced the downsizing due to the loss of a 70-year-old contract with Holden. there are two specific categories of safeguard measures under the Agreement: transitional safeguards which are available subject to proof of injury; 23 The Committee questioned the DFAT because of the coherence of its approach to trade and development. In response, Mr. Brown said it has different effects on different companies, given their individual business plans. Yet, since its inception and beginning of discussion, there has been strong support in this regard, and we have welcomed the range of discussions we have had with trade officers up to this point.78 For many TCF products, the cost structures are such that even a small tariff preference would be enough to see a significant increase in exports from a country. More importantly, TFIA would also question the utility it offers to Thailand, as in many cases it will bring added value outside of Thailand`s TCF industry. The Australia-Thailand Free Trade Agreement is intended to help Australia and Thailand, but many other countries will derive added value from the agreement.120 Reductions in some Thai tariffs, particularly on a number of agricultural products, will take place over long periods of time, but the removal of the majority of Australian tariffs on Thai imports will occur from entry into force. It is therefore likely that certain industries are likely to be negatively affected by this agreement192 The e-commerce chapter of the agreement contains provisions guaranteeing the free movement of trade between Australia and Thailand by electronic means. The two countries agreed to cooperate to promote e-commerce.

The two countries agreed to maintain the current practice of not imposing tariffs on electronic transfers between the two countries. .

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