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Free Software Projects by Pruet

Software listing


Most softwares are under GPL (GNU Public License). Please read the license (in Thai or English) before downloading and using it. Thanks in advance.


I'm not providing a personal or direct support, please use public channels such as github for requesting help.


if you want to support my work, first please read this article (in Thai). Second, read the software license in Thai or English . In short, your donation is not meant that I have to support the usage of my softwares in anyway, my softwares is provided "as is" or "no warranty" . However, I'll provide some support in a public channel (webboard, mailing list, etc.). Please not email me directly asking about the support, thanks in advance. Moreover, you can still use these softwares in any way you like (according and under the GPL) without the donation, just donate if you happy to do so.

Then, if you're agreed, please choose the way to donate


Primary contact

Pruet Boonma (pruetboonma AT gmail.com)