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Crispy Chicken with Basil

Posted on Monday, April 2nd, 2007 at 1:04 am

Well, start with music, put in your iPod earphone or turn on your stereo. Then, slice the chicken into very thin pieces. Next, deep fry the chicken in very hot oil until the chicken is golden brown. Smash some garlic and put a pan on a stove. Adding a little oil to the pan and throw in the garlic. When you smell the garlic, put in the basil, oyster sauce , chili and sprinkle of sugar. When the basil is ready, well the smell will tell you, put in the chicken, make sure you’re not adding extra oil from the chicken deep fry pot. Stir for a couple minutes to let the chicken absorb the basil’s taste and garlic’s smell. Finally, put the Crispy Chicken with Basil with your rice, that’s all folk. YummY YummY