Posted on Monday, November 22nd, 2004 at 2:13 am

I wonder what ability should we put to robot ? intellecture, emotion, brave, love, or hate? Sometime, I think that Three Laws of Robotic is invented not because we afraid that one day robot will harm us. But because we afraid that one day, one of our mankind will eradicate all mankind, including himself, using a robot. So, Three Laws of Robotic is the second safe lock, to make sure that we’ll not harm ourselves. Why human always do this, harm themselves, or they don’t have enough lesson, or they believe that they can do the better work this time. Believe me, they’re wrong, human has been trained in a very simple way of logical or literal thinking. They can think only a couple steps in chess; therefore, how can they predict some chaostic or large system ? impossible. Hence, the ability that we should put to the robotic should be complex prediction, so one day, they can tell us that, we’d not do this thing. We’d not do this thing because it’ll harm ourselves in the future.

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