Too sad today to take any photo.

Posted on Sunday, May 8th, 2005 at 2:21 pm

When you’ve a sad mood, the picture will be sad. I don’t want your guy to see my sad picture, because you’ll be in sad mood too. So, I just write a quick poem, don’t know why to write, maybe, it’s only one i can do now.

hold my hand
hold me tight

leave your fear
leave your fright

I am here
on your side

dry your tear
give you might

through the day
through the night….

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9 Responses to “Too sad today to take any photo.”

  1. nok says:


  2. NungNing says:

    be my love
    be my light

    you love me?
    am I right?

  3. NungNing says:

    ทิ้งไว้ตั้งคืนนึง ไม่มีใครมาแต่งต่อเลยเหรอ (-“-)
    ~>_<~ ไม่มีใครเล่นด้วย ฮือ ๆ ๆ ๆ

    cause our dream
    need your guide

    be with you
    all troble slight

    you are great
    you are nice

    I am hungry
    can I bite

    (-“-) ชักมั่วแฮะ

  4. nok says:


  5. GolF says:

    me either
    let me bite 😛

  6. Mujira says:

    หายเศร้ายัง คุณ พ

    ขอบคุณ เรื่อง บล๊อกมากครับ

  7. nichalala says:


  8. Superstarman says:

    Don’t be my sister,
    be my bride.

    ถูกใจมะ ^^

  9. NungNing says:

    Don’t go away
    stay my side

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