Posted on Thursday, March 16th, 2006 at 3:51 pm

I’m an old world programmer. I mean that I still use Vim and Makefile to do my work. So, IDE is out of question, the last IDE I prefer to use is…. Turbo C. What’s wrong with IDE ? I think that by using IDE, we’ve been distracted from the content of the program, to the presentation, organization, or something else. For me, writing a program is like praying, you don’t need to wear an expensive cloths or be in a big church. What you need to do is bending your knee down and starting praying. Likewise, to writing program, what you’ve to do is sitting down, hover your hand over a keyboard, and start typing. Moreover, writing program is more like communication with computer, and myself, deeply. It’s like I discuss with the computer what should we do to solve problems in program, not order him. In the same time, I talk with myself what is the condition of my soul at that time. It’s more like a praying that we investigate our mind and clean it up when we found that we found some unacceptable dirtiness.

Sometime, I cried when I wrote a program, not because of unsolvable bug but because I found the similarity of my life within the program that I’m writing. Isn’t our life has a BEGIN and an END ? Isn’t it full of condition and loop ? Isn’t it full of bug and glitch ?

I’m not writing program to order computer, I’m sharing my life with my old friend.

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  1. cinta marina says:

    you were from Mars,
    I was from Venus.
    I don’t understand what you told.

  2. GolF says:

    I told one of my classmates that I use g++ and gdb. Looking surprised and worried, he asked, “Why don’t you use Visual C++? Don’t you know it’s available for free from the department.” – -” Stunned with the question, I did not reply.

    Now I want to ask him, Does one really need to take everything one can take?

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