Ghost Buster!!

Posted on Sunday, June 3rd, 2007 at 4:15 am

Eight years ago, a young bright lecturer from a computer engineering department in a small university north of a small south-east asia country left his department to the States to pursue doctoral degree in computer science, at least, that is what his colleagues believes……

Eight years later, after his colleagues heard nothing from him…. they send his young fellow to find out what exactly he has been in this long eight years…..

After two years of investigation, the truth is revealed….. instead of computer science, the man has changed his course to the dark art of ghost witnessing. Indeed, he is a ghost buster now!!! See the picture and believe!!!! This picture was taken from a dark cave in a secret fort near Boston, which is widely believed that many many Confederation servicemen had left their hope and their life here (actually, 14 men died here). Look at the picture again, you will see some of those servicemen…… if you look carefully………

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5 Responses to “Ghost Buster!!”

  1. E says:

    8 ปีนี่ช้างทำเอกได้ 2 ใบสบายๆ ^^”

  2. NungNing says:


  3. linli says:

    8 ปีนี่อี้หาเมียได้ 4 คนสบายๆ ฮะฮา

  4. mujira says:

    โทสองปีกว่า เอกสี่ปีกว่า ก็เจ็ดปีกว่า ปกตินี่

    ตกลงมันเป็นผีเหรอ มองไม่ออก

  5. puiii says:


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