Read me slowly, read me through

Posted on Thursday, December 13th, 2007 at 3:58 am

One way to force yourself to read books in a regular manner is to set a rule, for example, three pages every night. DailyLit ( provides another convenient to read a book regularly by using email. You can choose a book you want to read, the frequency of email, and your destination email address. Then, DailyLit will send you the content of the book in email, chapter by chapter, to your email address with the preferred frequency. More over, you can stop the DailyLit sending, for example, when you’re going to take a vacation and cannot access your email account. You can find many good free books from DailyLit or some cheap pay-per-read book

My recent reading list is “Crime and Punishment”, you can see, the email frequency must be very slow. Well, Dostoyevsky is something hard to digest.

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One Response to “Read me slowly, read me through”

  1. mameou says:

    I love “Pride and Prejudice.”

    I need DailyLit for “Cryptography and Network Security.” – –

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