Twitter Script for X-Chat Ver. 1.2

Posted on Saturday, February 28th, 2009 at 6:46 am

Ok, this is the third revision of my XChat/XChatAqua python plugin for twitter. Actually, I create a google-code project for this script, so it might be a good idea to visit the google-code to get the latest code/update. Anyway, I will post the update to the code at this blog also (otherwise, it will be too quiet here, ha ha ha).

In this version, a new command, /replies , is added to retrieve your @replies list. Also, the update on friends’ timeline with your name inside will be marked with red, to make it easier for you to see someone try to talk with you.
I’m thinking what to add for the next version, any idea?
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2 Responses to “Twitter Script for X-Chat Ver. 1.2”

  1. CEnTR4L says:

    I'd like to request a feature, but I didn't found any contact me form or simply an email, so here comes (if I may of course):

    1- My latest tweets (twitter status) replaces the away msg in the IRC without notifying the channels that I'm idling in, keep in mind those whom have a protected profile and they would like to make their tweets public only in their away messages.

    2- This may look hard but I don't know, choose a certain tiny urls service of the user choice.

    Thank you so much for your good work and efforts.

  2. pruet says:

    Hi CEnTR4L,

    Could you please post the requests in the issue page of the google code ( ? It will be easier to follow up. But if it's not convenient for you, that's fine.

    For the second request, it's doable. For the first request, I don't really understand what you want. If it's problem or a feature request?

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