Posted on Sunday, October 18th, 2009 at 3:11 am

Usually, when I write code, sometime I put comments with TODO and FIXME, the former one means that this fragment of code is just a temporarily one, kind of quick fix or patching the balloon. I know I need to do further, but the priority is low. The later one, I know it might has some possible bugs, but I believe it’s not crucial or rare to occur. So, just leave it there and take my chance.

How about life? how many TODO and FIXME we’ve placed along the way? I’ve plenty, I know. Question is, when should I fix those TODO and FIXME, well, it should not be another TODO… Otherwise, it’ll be infinite loop of TODO, which is very bad.

Try to resolve your TODO and FIXME as soon as possible, both in your code and in your life. Your life is shorter than you think and your code can break earlier than you think.

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