life is not a fairy tale.

Posted on Sunday, June 6th, 2010 at 9:10 am

If at the end, we can’t share the same place, dream the same dream and live the same life. I’m sorry, but please let me know how I can make you happy, that’s the least I can do for you.

I don’t want to blame the distance between us, but life indeed is not a fairy tale and happily ever after might be only the sweet words so children can have a good dream. I don’t know if I did too much or too less, for you. I’m just a stupid guy, who just wants you to be happy, but don’t know how to do so.

You know I make a house. People ask me why I make a small house. I sometime told them, so I can be close to the one I love, all the time. My house will not have expensive furniture or fancy decoration, but it will have lots of trees. So, when we live there together, we can have our own world.

I’ll wait for you at our house. I’ll plant our trees and take care of them, till the day you come. I’ll wait for that day, even though, it may never come.

Sorry, but I fell so weak, life is indeed not a fairy tale……………….

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  1. pruet says:

    นาน ๆ ที ขอเวิ่นเว้อสักทีละกัน 😛

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