Posted on Thursday, March 2nd, 2006 at 11:36 am

My iBook has problem with startup, I think that the harddisk is defected. The worse is, the file system was corrupted, so I lost everything. Anyway, I’ve backup for my data,

Three rules of computer usage for students
1) backup
2) backup
3) backup

Anyway, I’ve to reinstall OS X and everything, and you know what, it corrupted again T_T . So I’ve to reinstaill everything again. I’d bring her to Apple Center but I don’t have time and I have to use her, I mean, I can’t leave her at Apple Center for a couple days because I’ve a couple papers to be finished.

Anyway, sorry for going so far, my point is, after installing OS X for two consecutive times, I started to be lazy to install every software I need. At the end, you know, I install only two pieces of software!!! guess what are they, adium x and microsoft office. For the rest of software requirement, I use OS X pre-installed software.

This comes to my thought, what we need for living, I mean, fundamentally. Beside house, food, medicine, and cloths. What else do we need ? Computer ? certainly not. Book ? may be, may be not.

I think that we’ve to separate between what we need and what we want. Generally, I think that we’ll have only a short list of what we need, but very long list of what we want. So, why don’t we try to switch to live with what we need, not what we want. Life may be easier.

Anyway, what is the need in our life ?

love ?

what is the need in your life?

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  1. Thun says:

    เอ้ๆๆ อย่างนี้แล้วจะซื้อ Mac ดีม่ะเนียะๆๆ เหอๆหลังจาก เมนบอรท์ตายหลังซื้อมาไม่นานก็ๆๆ ต้อง install ใหม่หมด อิอิ

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